Turn an Old Set of Colored Pencils
into an Awesome, New Picture Frame!

Colored Pencil Picture Frame
Diy Dork Tutori-O:
“How to Make a Colored Pencil Picture Frame”

This downloadable Tutori-O, which includes a step-by-step tutorial & layout guide, shows you how to recycle an old set of colored pencils into 3 awesome styles of picture frames in 3 common sizes (9 frames!):

    • How to Make Frames w/ Low Cost or Recycled Materials
    • – How to Measure & Cut Pencils for Clean, Finished Edges
    • Detailed Parts Illustrations for 3 Frame Styles & Sizes
    • – Easy to Follow, Color-Coded Pencil Design Layouts
    • – Tips & Tricks for Each Frame (Color Combo Ideas, Finishing Details, Which Pencils Work Best, and More!)


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You get a Step-by-Step, Colored Pencil Picture Frame Tutorial with Tons of Pics…

This is the main tutorial, loaded with tons of in-depth pictures and instructions that guide you through every step of the way.

You’ll see everything from how to construct the frame from inexpensive or recycled materials to how to easily measure & cut your colored pencil pieces for a clean, finished look.

… as well as an Illustrated Frame Parts & Design Layout Guide…

While the main tutorial guides you through the whole process… this layout guide shows you all the parts, sizes, & layouts for 3 different frame styles (the “Straight Up”, “Miter Box” & the “Twister”) in 3 different sizes (4×6, 5×7, & 8×10)

All the illustrated parts & design layouts are color coded with matching pencil piece charts, so that you can easily cut & lay out all the colored pencils without having to figure it out yourself.

… plus Examples of Frames I’ve Made for Myself with Helpful Tips & Tricks…

It’s one thing to read through the instructions or see layouts for each frame design… but it’s another when you see the actual frames all assembled & finished.

I picked up a lot of tips & tricks while making a bunch of these frames, & I wanted to share ’em with you. You get ideas like: which pencils work best, awesome color combos, finishing details, etc

… and a Bonus, Step-by-Step, Mini Miter Box Saw Tutorial!

A big part of making these frames is being able to cut down all the colored pencils accurately to size. The easiest way to do it is by using a tiny miter saw & box set.

That’s why I designed this simple, easy to make, mini miter box saw set and then created a tutorial to show you how to make your own. If you don’t want to make one, I’ll show you a couple of good, inexpensive sets you can get online.

Please remember to click the blue email "return link" to go back to the site to download your tutorial.