Here’s a super easy & low cost way to make your own chalk paint. It has a rich, creamy, vintage look to it and is actually a bit more durable than regular acrylic latex paint. I’ll also show you how to use it on a project and what I recommend using to protect it.

So as you saw, the recipe is super simple. Just mix 1 part Plaster of Paris with 3 parts flat/eggshell acrylic latex paint, and mix thoroughly.

I recommend mixing it with a drill attachment or immersion blender to get rid of any chunks. Make sure to keep a lid on it, too, so it doesn’t dry out!

Also, if you plan to distress your chalk paint, you can try using a wet rag or wet sandpaper (220, 320, 400-ish grit) for a smoother look, or just use about a 80-150 grit like I did in the video for an aggressive look. Keeps in mind, that since this recipe uses plaster of paris, it’s a bit tougher to distress than “real” chalk paint, so you might need to add a little elbow grease to get it done.

Distressed Chalk Painted Coffee Table

By the way, I’ve had several people ask me about the color I used on this table.

It’s called “Shimmering Sea.”

So anyway, there you go. That’s about a simple as it gets, right?

I’d love to hear what you think of it, so drop a comment, and let me know!