While I do include a miter box tutorial with some of the Diy Dork Tutori-O projects, I understand that you may not want to make one yourself. Or, maybe you’re like me, and you try to make things as precise as possible.

Well, these mini miter box & saw sets make cutting pencils, dowel rods, & etc. a clean, simple, & precise task.

I eventually bought one of these myself (the plastic one below), but I bought the miter box, razor saw blade, & saw handle separately. The funny thing is that the sets I found below online are actually cheaper than buying everything separately at a hobby store (like I did). That’s why I wanted to share these deals with you.


Plastic Easy Mini Miter Box Deluxe

Plastic Easy Miter Box Deluxe (with Razor Saw)

This mini miter box is just like the one I have. I picked this one because it was a little cheaper than aluminum and had 5 different angle cutting slots. It’s worked great to make precise cuts on pencils & dowels, although the cutting slots have a bit of wear from use. It works great for many Diy Dork projects.

– on Amazon: Easy Miter Box Deluxe


Aluminum Excel Mini Miter Box Set

Aluminum Excel Miter Box Set (with Razor Saw)

When I was looking at these mini miter boxes, this is the one I was going to get. It’s heavier duty than the plastic one above, and it has 3 angle cutting slots. I thought the aluminum might wear down the blade, so I didn’t get it. But now I kinda wish I got it instead of the plastic one since my blade has sliced up the plastic box a bit. This one will do everything you need and probably last longer too.

– on Amazon: Excel Miter Box Set


Here’s a video I found that shows the aluminum mini miter box & saw in action. I should probably warn you about the guy in the video. He’s kind of … umm… a “one of a kind” Diy Dork in his own right. haha


Oh, also, while I was creating the miter box tutorial (and even after I bought a plastic box like the one above) … I was daydreaming of a really small power saw that would be faster. Well… not too long ago, I found the one below. My eyes about bugged out. It exists … how cool! If I had only known about it earlier…

High Speed Mini Miter Cut Off Saw

High Speed Power Mini Miter Cut Off Saw

I really wish I knew this mini cut off saw existed when I was originally looking at small miter boxes. The one thing about the miter boxes above is that they’re kinda slow to chop up a bunch of pieces for a project. This saw would make quick work of that… plus, it cuts angles too. So cool!

The reviews online say it doesn’t cut metal as well as wood or plastic. But… hey, I probably wouldn’t cut metal anyway, so I think it work out great. It costs about 2 or 3 times the price of the boxes above, but would probably pay for itself quickly in time saved if you use it a lot. (Like if you make a lot of projects to sell on Etsy, etc. Doing it by hand would kill your profits.)

– on Amazon:  2″ High Speed Mini Miter Cut-Off Saw


I also found this video below that shows the power mini miter cut-off saw in action. They actually show it cutting several different materials, and you can see how it cuts wood & plastic much better than the others. Like I said earlier, I think it would work great for a lot of the crafty Diy Dork projects that I do. I’m looking into getting one.


Welp, there you go. I hope what I’ve shown you here helps you figure out what works best for you. You can make a homemade miter box for a little less than $10 … and for about $15 or so, you can buy them premade.

And, if you’re really into this crafty-diy kinda stuff like I am (or even jewelry, model making, etc)… the mini power saw could probably save you from achy fingers and make quick work of everything.

Whatever you choose, I hope you have fun and make something awesome!

– Later!


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