How to Paint Furniture to
Transform Trash into Treasure!


DIY Dork's How to Paint Furniture Tutorial Before & After

DIY Dork’s:
Perfectly Painted Furniture Tutori-O

Got a piece of furniture that you’re thinking about repainting, but have no idea where to even start? No problem! This downloadable DIY Dork Tutori-O will show you:

  • – How to strip & sand (or know if you even need to)
  • – The best paint to use (& how to save money on it too!)
  • – How to fix gouges, holes, & broken parts like new
  • – The best tools & supplies for an easier, smoother finish
  • – How to protect the paint from getting damaged
  • – Plus many more tips & tricks for an awesome paint job!
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So… your old furniture needs a facelift?
Painting furniture to give it new life is hot, hot, hot right now. The problem is you’re not sure where to start & the questions are endless. Can you paint over an old shiny finish? Does it have to be sanded? What paint works best? Can you spray paint it? How do you make it glossy and protect it from scratches? Are there any easy shortcuts?

This Tutori-O can help you transform it!
Once you download this tutorial, you’ll see how to:

  • decide if it needs to be stripped or sanded
  • fix gouges, chips, & fill in old holes
  • how to prep the surface for a smooth paint job
  • pick the best brushes, rollers, or sprays
  • find deals on paint that’s easy to use & clean up
  • protect your paint job from scratches
  • … plus many more handy tips I’ve picked up that make it all even faster & easier with better results
Painted Furniture - Mid Century Pieces I've Redone
In this Tutori-O, I’ll show you how to paint a few different types of furniture from start to finish. Pictured above is just a couple of the simpler ones I’ve repainted. I’ll show you even more inside! 

I’ve painted a ton of pieces, and picked up some really cool tricks to make it quicker, easier, & cheaper. I’ll share all those “cheats” with you too. 😉


DIY Dork Painted Furniture Tutorial Cover DIY Dork's How to Paint Furniture Tutorial Page Samples
This 75 page tutorial is loaded with TONS of step-by-step pictures & instructions to help guide you through repairing, prepping, painting, & finishing your furniture!
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