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Project Supplies:


Rolls of Metallic Prom Streamers


Rolls of Prom Streamers

Stumps Party – Metallic “Prom” Streamer Rolls

– The 2″ wide rolls are perfect for Candy Wrapper Purse material. It folds & holds it shape well and looks awesome!




DIY Clock Movement Kit

Amazon – Clock Movement Kit

or at –

– Use one of these battery operated, diy clock kits to turn an interesting object (eg: hubcap, frisbee, vintage painting, old pan… practically ANYTHING!) into a clock.




Helpful Tools:


Mini Miter Saw Box Set

Mini Miter Boxes & Saws

My Review – Deluxe Mini Miter Box & Saw Set

– This is a handy little tool that’s perfect for chopping pieces like pencils, small dowels, etc. It’s easy to use & makes precise cuts at several commonly used angles.



High Speed Mini Miter Cut Off Saw


Power Mini Miter Saw

Amazon – High Speed Mini Miter Cut Off Saw

– This mini power saw works like the miter saw above, but it’s faster than sawing by hand. It’s basically a small, angle adjustable, cut off saw with a 2″ blade. It works good on plastic & wood pieces (think pencils, dowels, plastic tubing, etc).


Retro 1980s Cassette Tape Measure

Retro Cassette Tape Measure

Amazon – Cassette Tape Measure

– This tape measure looks like an ’80s cassette tape, but works just like a regular measuring tape. It’s 6ft long and has both inch & centimeter measurements.

(PLEASE NOTE: I recently noticed that they’ve been discontinued, but can still be found online … get yours before they’re gone!)