Old Dresser Drawer Storage Ottoman Makeover

Check out how I turned this drawer I pulled out of an old dresser into a handy storage ottoman with an upholstered top and a set of hairpin legs!

Here’s how I made it:

So if you saw my other post where I turned an old dresser into a kitchen island, I mentioned that I pulled the bottom two drawers out of it to make open shelves. Well, instead of tossing out the drawers, I decided to turn one into this storage ottoman.

I had to beef up the bottom with a piece of plywood, so I had a solid place to mount the hairpin legs. On top, I built a simple, upholstered plywood top that lifts off to uncover the storage area inside. The whole thing is sturdy enough to prop up your feet or even sit on it, and it has lots of storage room to hide any junk that you don’t want to see in your room.

I see old drawers like this pop up on Craigslist & in local thrift stores from time to time for about $5, so if you ever see one, grab it, and try something like this!

Dresser Drawer Upholstered Ottoman Makeover - Before and After

It turned out to be a pretty simple project that not only looks cool but can serve lots of purposes.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.