How to Make a Vintage Hubcap Clock!


How to Make a Vintage Hubcap Clock Tutorial
Step-By-Step DIY Dork Tutori-O

Love old cars or know someone that does? This tutorial shows you how to turn an old hubcap into a cool, new clock!

You’ll see:

  • – The best places to find cool, old hubcaps
  • – Which clock mechanism works best & how to assemble it
  • – How to prep it for a hanger & clock parts
  • – How to easily assemble it in less than 30 minutes
  • … Plus more helpful tips & tricks!
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Why I made this tutorial:

I actually made this hubcap clock as a Christmas present for my dad. He loves old cars (especially 1950 Plymouth convertibles)… so I figured he’d love to hang a ’50 Plymouth hubcap clock in his room full of old car collectibles.

I searched all over trying to find a hubcap off that car and eventually found a few on Ebay. Most were in the $35-50 range… but I found this slightly beat up one for $10 + $9 shipping. I didn’t feel bad about drilling a hole in it. 😉

I found my clock mechanism (called a “movement”) at a hobby store in town. I didn’t like the tiny hands that came with it, so I bought bigger ones, which I painted.  Later on, after I made this clock, I found a better looking clock kit with bigger hands online. Nuts!… I’ll link to it below.

It’s easy to make… anyone can do it!

I took lots of pictures and video while I was making mine, so that you could easily follow along and make your own.

Not only that, but I also found links & resources to help you easily find the parts to make own clock.

(Check out the resource list below.)

Watch Me Make the Clock in this Video
This video shows you the basics of how to make the hubcap clock.

The downloadable Tutori-O above has even more details and tips & tricks to help you get a better look at how to put it together.

If you can find a hubcap & clock kit, use a tape measure, & drill a hole… then you can easily do this DIY Dork project!

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Hubcap Clock Tutorial Cover Page How to Make an Old Hubcap Clock Tutorial - Sample Pages
This tutorial has lots of step-by-step pictures & instructions to help your clock turn out great. It’s easy to make & requires no special tools.

Tools, Supplies, & Resources to Make this Clock

Measuring Tape
(I like my quirky, cassette tape looking, tape measure)

Clock Movement Kit

Metal D-Ring Wall Hanger Instant / 1 Minute Epoxy
Masking Tape Pencil, Pen, or Marker
Longer Clock Hands
(if your kit has short ones, optional)
Drill Bit
(slightly larger diameter than clock kit’s threaded shaft)
Spray Paint   (for clock hands, optional) Drill